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An overview of spice processing
Our spices are processed with utmost care. It goes through following stages :
Spices Traders in India 1. Harvesting:
We grow our
spices keeping the weather in strict considerations. Also, we make every effort to wait until the spices are fully matured.Immature spices make a bad quality of spices. Once it is fully grown , we gather it & preserve it hygienically.
spices manufacturer 2. Cleaning:
The first stage is to remove dust and dirt using a winnowing machine . After winnowing the crop needs to be washed in water, We keep on changing water regularly to prevent contamination of spices by dirty water.
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3. Drying:
This is by far the most vital stage in the process to guarantee good quality spices. Improperly dried spices will lead to fungal growth. The sale value of such spices can be lesser than the normal value. The development of food poisoning bacteria on some spices is a real danger if proper washing and drying are not carried out.
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4. Grinding:
For larger scale production a modern grinding mill is used which is placed in a separate and well ventilated room because of the dust generated. We take great care to ensure uniform sized pieces/powders after grinding process and also to prevent the heating of spices during grinding.
Namkeen Spices Manufacturer 5. Packaging:
We store spices in a barrier film such as polypropylene because of high humidity. and it also provides an attractive package, keep spice quality and avert contamination and losses. Polypropylene also allows the flavour/aroma of the spices to escape. Cellulose film is also used if it is heat sealable.
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6. Stocking