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The concept of the blended spices is derived from Garam Masala, which is a blend of four spices black cardamom, clove, pepper and cinnamon. These basic ingredients add aroma and flavor to all the Indian dishes. A blend of taste, flavor and aroma separates connoisseur Indian cuisine from the rest of the Indian delicacies. Pawanjee Spices have formulated a unique intermingle of spices which is termed as blended spices.

So, delight your taste buds with its unique taste and flavor and feel the difference. Our blended spices are very popular and used many households nationwide. Our array of blended spices simply adds the very taste of food and makes it very special. It can also be customized as per customer’s specific requirement. Blended spices can be used in Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and even used as blended tea masala. Only blend of spices will change for each specific category.
Ingredients used in our spices are not only delicious but have great nutritional values as well. The quantity of antioxidants present in our blended spices will enhance your overall health. The longer shelf life makes our most sought after product in the spice market. Mild usage of Indian herbs in our blended spice adds its medicinal value. There are lots of good reasons to use our spices.

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